Is this why Albert Einstein developed the Atomic and Nuclear bombs

Edwin Amuga
1 min readJun 28, 2022



So, if you, by some means, ended up in the future with your current IQ which you consider so low comparatively, say 700 years from now, where you’re the only smart person and everybody else is dumb because the corporate world, over the ages, managed to convince the world that progress is all about replacing their lost hair, lengthening their manhoods, having stronger, longer erections and augmenting female’s butts and hips, what would you do since everyone else thinks you’re the dumb one because you’re talking about research and critical thought?

Yeah, maybe then you’ll understand why Albert Einstein and other geniuses of old focused their smarts on building both Atomic and Nuclear bombs! They must have seen everybody else as a bunch of dunces walking around senselessly destroying the planet and needed to be blown up.

Moral: Evolution rewards those who reproduce the most, as opposed to Intelligence, speed, and strength as previously thought by scholars. And I am afraid, you and I could be a product of this and the future is even worse; filled with morons

We must, therefore, develop an economy (a reward system) that cultivates ingenuity, rather than obedience, calmness, and mundane as it is now

Because the truth is that ordinary men and women do ordinary and popular things. Extraordinary people do extraordinary things, no matter the consequences.