LETTER FROM MY FUTURE SELF I-The most accurate prediction of the future

The date today is 5th September 2078. Humanity is living the GOLDEN AGE. The world population has been successfully reduced to 500 million from the 2020s 7 billion. Overpopulation was a huge problem in the late 2030s, was 9 billion by 2033. The world hunger problem has been solved. There is no need for humans to work, as The Government and machines do everything. Climate change has been solved. World health problem has been solved as there is a curative medicine for any disease. There have been no new disease outbreaks since 2030 when a minor covid-19 broke out again and was solved. The world debt problem has been solved, started in the year 2021 with the Great Economic Reset, where all national and personal debts were canceled worldwide.28

There is marvelous technology in circulation brought by advanced alien civilizations from other galaxies, including time travel to any year in the future or the past (skip the year 2020 which is only allowed through virtual and augmented reality as a traveler might go back and interfere with certain important historical events and cause a problem in the future) which is made possible by a microchip known as ‘The One’ implanted in our right hands that also helps us pay for things. (Time travel was discovered in 1947 when the US government captured a time-space craft (UFOs as they are known in the 2020s and past) in the ROSWELL INCIDENT and wasn’t totally figured out until 1975 through reverse engineering, starts usage in 1981 and was released to the public in the year 2028. I have had the chance to visit the year 3000 in my past and met dinosaurs, mammoths, and other dangerous old age animals. The preserved remains of these animals, discovered in your time and kept, have been used in the future to clone these animals into existence.1

There is a single digital currency, started in 2010s with the promotion of cryptocurrencies. There is no cash in the future. There is another chip in the forehead that expands our brain functions, helps the brain access the internet and there is free wifi worldwide for this and helps us stay healthy starting February 2029. I don’t want to tell you where the aliens are from because it is prohibited and still hidden, but they are not from space. There are faster means of transport; flying cars and faster trains with new technologies able to take us from one district to another in a matter of seconds. Alien disclosure was done in the year 2028 and humans started making treaties and trading with other planetary civilizations. Finally, there is World Peace because, finally, there is a One World Government, (started in the early 2030s after Alien disclosure when governments began to converge into one) with 7 districts (from the previous seven continents). There is an immortality drug known as ‘Ámbrusia’ (or known in ancient Egypt and Sumer as a drug of the gods-and secretly in your time as Adrenochrome) which can keep us young and energetic and ‘postpone’ death/reverse effects of aging. In the mid-2030s, Major population centers are wiped out and depopulation is achieved.. All human populations are moved from rural to urban.3

By 2033, The Government is ruled by a now superior Artificial Intelligence, now referred to as ‘The Light’, which knows everything and makes all the decisions, supported by 10 world leaders who follow its commands. It is on every electronic device and anybody can talk with it. It helps put the world in a state of Peace and Prosperity. Teleportation and Technological Telepathy is made possible in 2030 and released to the public in 2039. Before that, all planes and cars become electric, self-driving, and fly in sky highways known as hyperloops. All TVs are internet-based by 2028 and cable TV is totally eliminated. Some shows and movies are created by Artificial Intelligence. We also have exosuits that when worn, one can run many kilometers without getting tired and can lift very heavy weights, 1000’s of KGs, with ease, released in the early 2020’s. We also have contact lenses worn in the eye that helps us record everything we see. We have lost privacy and, as a result, crime has been completely purged. Commercial Space visits starts in the year 2025 to the moon (There are both Lunar and Martian bases by 2033), started by Elon Musk’s SpaceX in 2023, not NASA. Robotic hands are released in the year 2026 that looks exactly like human hands. All problems that bedeviled humanity in the last decades and centuries have been solved. It is basically a Utopian society. We have avatars in the future, allowing us to occupy a robotic body with our minds and travel anywhere in space and time in the world with superhuman abilities while the real body is left behind safe. That’s the best part. The saddest and most hidden part is World hunger problem has been solved by an invention back in the year 2028 of a pill that, when swallowed, lasts a human for a whole day without eating, we are not allowed to grow our foods or cook like before 2032. The bottle-full pill is supplied by this One World government at our doorsteps for free enough to last us for 18 months. Humans have been stripped of the right to own property. All our children belong to and are raised by the Government. Some of us have been sterilized by the government. Robots completely replaced humans at work by 2040, by 2050. Everyone wears same type of suit provided by the government.This Orwellian-fascist-like Government is strict and swift at tracking down dissent using these ‘golden age’ technologies. (to be continued) FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY

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